Welcome to Goss' Holocaust Education Resource Page

This site is designed to help educators learn more about strategies and resources to teach about the Holocaust in their classrooms.  The resources included in this site are the result of several years of in-classroom application and attendance and facilitation at related professional development opportunities throughout the world.

The core of this site (currently being built) is a walk-through of the semester long Holocaust & Genocide course at Robert E. Lee High School in Staunton, Virginia.  This course was launched in the Fall of 2013, and was based on an expansion of the previously taught quarter-long electives "An Introduction to the Holocaust" and "A History of the Holocaust Through Film & Literature" at Fleetwood Area High School in Fleetwood, PA.  The latter course was co-taught with Sean Gaston, the Media/Communications teacher at FAHS.  With Gaston, Goss also produced the award-winning, Emmy-nominated Holocaust documentary, Misa's Fugue. 

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.  Please feel free to contact Jennifer via e-mail.