Session 2 Materials

The following materials were utilized during Session 2 of the BCIU course which took place on Tuesday, June 22.
     Weimar Republic Module ( Enter "Jennifer Goss" in the space provided.
The Challenges of Teaching Hitler
     Hitler: Anticipation/Reaction Guide (Attached below)

Internet Resources (Also attached below)  The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
     Points of Interest:  “For Educators” section; Holocaust
     encyclopedia; maps (particularly animated & mapping initiatives);
     Committee on Conscience genocide resources & First Person
     Podcasts  Yad Vashem
     Points of Interest:  “Auschwitz Album” slideshow; video lectures;
     online courses (not for credit); Righteous Among the Nations; &
     online exhibits  Facing History & Ourselves
     Points of Interest:  Online modules (Weimar Republic); online
     courses (for credit); teaching strategies (general); lending library
     (available once you have completed a course);  & also offers great 
     materials for the Civil Rights movement  Survivors of Shoah Foundation
     Points of Interest:  Testimony; Pyramid of Hate interactive
     exercise;  Teacher Innovation Network; lessons section; &
     online exhibits (Five Personal Journeys)  Echoes & Reflections
     Points of Interest:  Full testimonies of survivors included in
     Echoes;  downloadable curriculum materials; curriculum updates;

     Dimensions journal; & Holocaust denial Q & A Auschwitz Memorial Museum
    Points of Interest:  Preservation page; photo gallery (art); history
    page;  Auschwitz calendar (on the history page); & multimedia
    presentations (under Education) Phenomenal Facebook updates

All of the above also have Facebook pages with interesting updates.

The Rise of the Nazi Party
Pre-War Jewish Life Photo Project
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