Genocide Lessons Part I

The following series of lessons are rudimentary in that many adjustments are still being made. They are grouped by topic rather than lesson order as I do not always teach them in the same sequence each semester.

Lessons Introducing the Topic of Genocide

These lessons were shaped by the work of the Education Department of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, with input from Phil Holtje, former Education Director of the Holocaust Awareness Museum (NE Philadelphia).

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Lessons on the Armenian Genocide 

These lessons were shaped with the assistance of USHMM Museum Teacher Fellow and NJ Educator, Colleen Tambuscio. Additional materials were also utilized from the New York Times website.

Lesson 2 Plan
The Betrayed Film (Available on YouTube)

Lessons on Native American Genocide 

These lessons were shaped with the utilizing materials from the Library of Congress in conjunction with Donna Sharer and the Anti-Defamation League. The Power Point was adopted from an OEM Platform. The film sheet was shared by Kristina Carssow.

For materials, see prior lesson

Lessons on the Cambodian Genocide 
These materials were found through open-source platforms on the Internet, as well as via access to materials from PBS. Content is currently under revision with the assistance of Kelly Watson from the EIHR.

Lesson 6 Plan (Under Revision)