Genocide Lessons Part II

The following series of lessons are rudimentary in that many adjustments are still being made. They are grouped by topic rather than lesson order as I do not always teach them in the same sequence each semester.

Lessons on Genocide in Latin America

This lesson is a major work in progress and lacks a "plan"; however, students rotate through 4 stations examining genocides that took place in several Latin American countries. This lesson was built, in part, with assistance from Christina Chavarria, a Program Coordinator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Additional materials come from the Holocaust Museum Houston.

Song Lyrics (Argentina)
Song Lyrics (El Salvador)
Song Lyrics (Guatemala)

Lessons on the Rwandan Genocide

These lessons utilize materials from the USC-Shoah Foundation that were shared with me by USHMM Teacher Fellows and USC-Shoah Foundation Master Teachers Kelly Watson and Robert Hadley. Additional support was provided by Carl Wilkens.

Lessons on the Bosnian Genocide

These lessons utilize materials from PBS and the New York Times, as well as advice from EIHR Director Kate English. 

Additional Materials