The purpose of the the next lessons in the course is to show students the scope of Jewish and non-Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.  The development of this lesson was influenced by materials from USHMM, the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation, Yad Vashem, the ADL and the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teacher's Program.  This lesson takes three full blocks, from bell to bell, to complete.  All materials listed (minus direct technology) are listed below.


Core Lesson Concept:  On the first day of this lesson, students begin by defining the word "resistance" in their own terms.  They are then asked to analyze possible resistance activities and determine which activities fit their existing concept of resistance.  Students are then lead through a discussion of the various types of resistance during the Holocaust before exploring primary source materials related to resistance in a variety of forms throughout the Holocaust.  At the end of the first day, students reflect on how this component of the lesson changed their pre-conceptions of Holocaust resistance.  The beginning of the second lesson exposes students to a teacher-led lecture regarding resistance and is followed by the first portion of the film "Defiance".  The film is finished on the third day of the lesson and students write a reflection journal on the Hollywood-ization of Holocaust resistance.


Additional Materials:

Suggested Supplemental Reading for Teachers: